Low Vision Training

Зрително стимулиране на слабо виждащи деца

Low vision training is a special program offered at the Louis Braille School. Instruction is individual and comprises all students having visual perception, starting from light perception to the highest degree of low vision.

An individual program is prepared after examining the medical documentation, consultation with an ophthalmologist and testing the child’s visual functioning. It includes the visual skills that are expected to be built and improved in the process of instruction.

(an interest toward the visual stimulus; locating and following an object; discerning and  recognizing three-dimensional objects and models, two-dimensional images; visual and motor coordination, etc.)

Low vision training includes teaching students how to use low vision aids and devices:

  • Non-optical aids (various types of lighting, coloured filters, reading stands, etc.)
  • Optical aids (handheld and table magnifiers, monoculars, binoculars, etc.)
  • Electronic devices (table and portable magnifying cameras)
  •  Acquiring specific reading techniques

The purpose of low vision training is to improve functional vision and to use it effectively in the process of education, everyday life, family surroundings and professional training as well as to combine achieved level of visual performance with the other sensory channels of information:  tactile (braille, tactile images), auditory (speech synthesizers, screen readers).