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Integrated Education

Консултиране и подпомагане на интегрирания ученик  и семейството му

In correspondence with tendencies for integration of children with special educational needs in mainstream schools, there have been consultation services provided at the Louis Braille School for many years now, in order to support such students. Every visually impaired child can choose among schools for visually impaired, mainstream schools or vocational schools, according to Bulgarian legislation. At the Louis Braille School, there are two consultants, qualified to work with visually impaired children, who support education of integrated students in relation to special subjects like low vision rehabilitation and training, orientation and mobility, daily living skills. They also consult students regarding the choice of electronic optical and non-optical aids and teach them to use the devices properly. Technical support in general education subjects is provided as well. In many cases, the necessity arises to consult teachers and specialists /speech therapists and psychologists/ in mainstream schools about the specific educational needs of visually impaired students. Integrated students’ families are offered assistance as well.