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Early Intervention

Early intervention services at the Louis Braille School for Visually Impaired Children started in 1995. Children with visual impairment 0 to 5 years of age receive special support.

Early intervention consultants are teachers, qualified to work with visually impaired students. They prepare an individual program, considering the specific needs of the child. The major aim is building skills and habits that enhance psychomotor development. The basic areas of intervention are: motor development, communication skills, self-help skills, orientation in the surrounding world, effective usage of low vision, cognitive development.

All of the children included in the early intervention program at the Louis Braille School for Visually Impaired are offered consultations by a speech therapist, a psychologist and a low vision therapist as well, via the school facilities.

In order for a child to be enrolled in the early intervention group, it is essential that the parents file an application to the Complex Pedagogical Еvaluation Team at the Regional Inspectorate of Education so that the child’s needs could be evaluated