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Braille printing centre

Техника за брайлов печат

      In 2009 a braille printing center was established at the school, which is basically financed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science and supported by non-governmental organizations. The printing center is in possession of modern equipment for braille printing and preparation of large print educational materials. Textbooks, educational materials and tactile images are printed to meet the needs of students at the school and those, who are integrated into mainstream schools.  At the same time, the printing center takes an active part in the preparation of materials for the State Matriculation Exams and the National End of Year Exams. The center actively supports education by printing exam papers and tests, materials for visually impaired students taking part in Olympiads, competitions and the International Mathematical Competition European Kangaroo.  It actively works on a range of projects on a European and national scale. The printing center participates in school popularization campaigns by preparing greeting cards, information sheets, brochures, etc.